Hegre-Art – Tantric Edging Massage
Hegre-Art - Tantric Edging Massage - Girlsdelta
Released Date: July 26, 2016
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Edging is the art of remaining at the edge of an orgasm. Why do this? Well, firstly, a selfless partner is a good lover. But edging can actually give you more pleasure than an orgasm. How? Well, it鈥檚 those moments before an orgasm that send us wild. Sure, an orgasm feels amazing. But that can be over in a matter of seconds. Then all that wonderful pleasure literally disappears.
Edging is about staying in that pre-climax state for longer. The result? Well, your orgasms can be many times more powerful, last much longer and allow you and your partner to arrive together. Put simply, edging will make you a better lover. And you鈥檒l have more fun doing it.
title:Hegre-Art – Tantric Edging Massage